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We’re located in Altrincham just 6 miles south of Manchester. We have students from across the northwest from Cheshire to Wigan. Don’t forget our golf lessons come with Guaranteed Improvement.

As golf coaches we understand how to get the best out of your swing. We use our knowledge and skills to guide, explain, demonstrate, focus, encourage and show possibilities.

Golf Lessons

Do you want…

Custom Fitted Clubs

Are you blaming your clubs? Your game could be benefiting from custom fitted clubs.

Corporate Events

As the hosts, the Golf School offers everything you would expect from a corporate golf day.

"Successfully helping golfers of all levels, ages and abilities transform their games."

Golf as you want it

Every student has weaknesses and strengths and we work with you to identify how these impact on the strike of the golf ball.

As golf coaches we understand how to get the best out of your swing. We use our knowledge and skills to guide, explain, demonstrate, focus, encourage and show possibilities.

We deliver golf lessons as you want it. We are PGA Professionals and experts at finding ways to improve and fix any fault in your game.
We can help you find the solution to unlocking any aspect of golf you’d like to excel at:
  • Drive the ball longer
  • Develop consistent ball striking
  • Create more spin
  • Hit more greens
  • Make more putts
  • Score better

Richard Gilling

Richard Gilling
The Golf School


Professional Golf Instruction

Whatever your strengths. Whatever your weaknesses. We build golf instruction around every individual, helping you to get the best possible results from your golf swing.

If you want to feel better about your game and feel confident every time you set foot on the golf course, our golf lessons can help you achieve your goals through professional experience and friendly encouragement (although we reserve the right to be strict in certain cases!).

Golf Simulator technology

The Golf School offers both Trackman and Flightscope simulator technology to help demonstrate, explain and guide you on the possibilities of your golf swing.

The more books and videos you read and watch only makes golfers more confused as to what they are trying to achieve.

The Golf School uses technology in all golf lessons to show you exactly what happens throughout your swing. We guide you through your golf swing step-by-step explaining exactly ‘what’ and ‘why’ each movement affects the swing, impact position and ball flight.

Custom Fit Clubs

There is so much room for improvement by getting custom fitting golf clubs. The higher the handicap of the golfer, the bigger the room for improvement with custom fit clubs.

We work with your clubs, shafts, grips, loft and lie angles to ensure you are using the right equipment perfectly suited for your swing.

What our customers say

Our testimonials are the best advert we can possible have. Your success is a reflection of the excellent teaching standards we have worked hard to build at The Golf School.

We are proud of our students’ achievements because we believe our coaching style represents the very best combination of professional teaching, the latest technology and plain, understandable language.

Richard and the team are excellent! I find the style of coaching at The Golf School works perfect for me - the right amount of challenge to make constructive change. The technology reinforcement to support the lessons and learnings. And of course the relaxed fun environment that the team create in the indoor facility is superb! Well done!
Tony Lacey
Tony Lacey
18:06 23 Nov 16
The Science of the swing combined with the Science of the mind. Rich's concept of golf lessons goes beyond a simple 'fix this', to a programme of understanding the technicalities of the swing but also interestingly an analysis of the 'grey' matter between your ears. How / why do we learn / practise; target specifics not hope for the result; personally think about what and why you are playing the game and what you enjoy from it, as well as analysing what may have gone wrong. For me it was an interesting and thought provoking programme. Like having your own Bob Rotella to hand.Great modern facilities and swing analysis; playing lessons were both fun and inspiring (how good is his chipping !); ad hoc PT sessions as well.If you are prepared to have a look at yourself and your swing then couldn't recommend anyone better. Top Man.
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor
11:53 23 Nov 16
Richards guidance has enabled me to learn golf in a way which is enjoyable and more importantly taught me how to hit the ball further with consistency. Focusing on the simple aspects of golf with the equipment to show and explain where I was going wrong and ultimately why. Would highly recommend anyone from a beginner to advanced golfers who are looking to improve their game.
Mr Walker
Mr Walker
10:15 01 Feb 18
Been learning golf with Richard for over 5 months now; very happy with the progress and lesson format.
Jeremy Bryan
Jeremy Bryan
09:27 07 Jan 18
Couldnt recommend Richard highly enough. I started my lessons hitting the ball with an ‘aggressive fade’ (slice to you and me.) and an extremely loose swing. Now after 6 lessons im hitting the ball straighter and more importantly further. My swing is a night and day comparison. Ive added 13mph which equates to around 40 yards longer with my irons and full potential is still not reached. Great set up and technology available to see every aspect and detail in your swing and where your faults lie. Keep up the excellent service you supply!
Kane Agnew
Kane Agnew
09:12 12 Feb 18
I've known Richard for over 12 months and recently had lessons with him. Not only has he worked on my technique, more importantly he has worked on my mind and made me believe in myself again.Don't expect to turn up on the off chance of getting to see him. This is an appointment only service! Book in or be disappointed!!
Dean Brady
Dean Brady
20:04 29 Nov 17
Having a serious back injury (which left me bed ridden for 12 months) I feared that my golfing days were over. Following an introduction to Richard from my physiotherapist, with the help of his state of the art technology, he has rebuilt my golf swing & given me the confidence to plan a return to the golf course in the Spring. I can't recommended him highly enough.
Ian Ditchfield
Ian Ditchfield
16:16 26 Feb 18
Played at the weekend for the first time since I’ve been having lessons with Richard ( around 6 or 7) couldn’t believe the difference. Strike on the ball clean and straight, distance and knowing how to keep the consistency. Would recommend to anyone who plays golf and is looking to improve.
Clarke Broderick
Clarke Broderick
09:02 27 Feb 18
I highly recommend you meet Richard no matter what your golf needs are.I came across The Golf School on Google and based on the reviews arranged to meet Richard. I told him I played occasional golf, had a few lessons previously but now was quite determined to be a technically much better golfer. My biggest fault was hitting fat and thin shots and it was annoying me.I really wanted to make sure I didn't find an average coach who would put a sticking plaster over the most obvious faults.Fortunately Richard was responsive to my objectives and has transformed my swing using tech like launch monitors, kinematic sequencing and simple things like on course lessons.The result is my swing was transformed from something ugly and full of effort into one that is effortless, more powerful and more accurate. The fat and thins rarely happen and the swing looks more like a proper golfer's one.
10:04 24 Apr 18
As a lady beginner this indoor golf school is a great place to learn. Richard is a great coach. I'm thrilled to say I have progressed enough to be out on the course today. Thank you. Lynn🏌️‍♀️
Lynn Kennedy
Lynn Kennedy
10:17 06 Jul 18

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