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Our approach to teaching is simple, fun & effective.

Beginner Golf Lessons – Improve your overall game

Specialist in helping beginner golfers achieve their objectives and make progress we’ve been offering beginner golf lessons for over 20 years. We assess your game from top to bottom to come up with a plan to take your game from shooting over 100 to regularly shooting scores you’re happy with all within a time frame to suit you.

Brand New To Golf?

We take people who’ve never held a golf club before and turn them in to true golfers. You’re the one’s who haven’t got any terrible habits and the one’s who’ll be informed on everything you need to know to become a great player.

Develop an understanding of the fundamentals in golf

Golf is like learning a new language; hitting one great shot does not make you fluent, but imagine what it would feel like to confidently stand up to the ball and hit it consistently straight and long every time. That’s not impossible and we’re here to help make it a reality.

Played But Still Struggling?

If you’ve tried to go DIY and finding golf impossible, you need to get yourself down to The Golf School. We can help address everything that’s wrong with your swing and help you to create a consistent swing that you’ll love taking out on the course with you.

Learn to play golf in our custom golf studio

We choose to teach indoors to take away the unpredictability of the UK weather and offering year round beginner golf lessons. In the same environment with the same temperature consistently we can help you achieve your short game aims, long game & club decision making ability taking you from a beginner golfer to an immediate and who knows maybe heading for a single digit handicap.

Train a beginners swing using K-Vest Motion Technology

One of our favourite tools is the K-Vest. Once your strapped in (to benefit from using the K-Vest system you need to be wearing trousers with a belt buckle) the K-Vest can help us develop your golf swing and help you train. It learns your swing and uses motion sensors to help make corrections and train you towards creating a new swing that will help deliver consistency to your game.


Quickly capture ultra-high speed fact based 3D data anywhere.


Use this data to understand how you move in 3D space to develop your swing. Possibly for the first time, you’ll really see how your body and swing actually moves


Powered by your new knowledge, use our patented biofeedback coaching tools with your swing to communicate and implement the changes you want to make.


Use your bespoke drill based program with instant audio feedback to ensure you’re a practicing in the correct way.

Beginner golfers like Nick love The Golf School

We have a wide range of students who choose the golf school. This has allowed us to get a greater understanding of a huge range of different golfers, what beginner golfers greatest struggles are and how best to help them progress.

Become more confident on the green

Three putting is a fear most golfers have. One major reason why golfers three put or even more is because they struggle to control their distance which is down to not practicing putting correctly and an inability to read the green.

What's included with our beginner golf lessons

We want to make getting in to golf as simple as possible for you. In general, we’ve got everything covered meaning all you need to bring along is a positive frame of mind and some eagerness to not only learn but to apply what you learn out on the golf course.

Club hire included

We’ve got a wide range of clubs you can use which can help you decide on which clubs to buy.

Climate controlled golf studio

It’s never too cold to practice here. The temperature is as consistent as your golf swing will be.

Practice balls included

Unlimited balls, no restriction’s on the amount of balls you can use.

Early morning available

Want to fit in a golf lesson before work? No problem

Progress your game at The GolfSchool

We come up with a plan to change your game.

1. Arrange an assessment lesson

2. Assess Your Game

3. Decide whether you want further lessons

How do you help beginner golfer’s?

We assess your current level to get an understanding of where you’re currently at. Then we create a plan that works towards your goals and sees your game progress

Is there golf clubs at The Golf School that I can use?

Yes, all equipment is provided by us. All you need to bring is yourself and an enthusiastic attitude.

What should i wear for my lesson?

Your pants should have loop holes in them. This is because we use K-Vest technology to fully analyse your golf swing and the movements you make in the swing


The Golf School

Please contact us if you require more information. We offer golfer’s help with their game 7 days a week helping golfers from across the North West to achieve the golf swing that they want. You can use the contact form, send us an e-mail or give us a ring during regular business hours. If we don’t get back to you right away we’re probably teaching.

Open 7 Days a Week

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4 Teaching Bays

Our group lessons have the capacity for four students making it perfect for learning in bite-size chunks.

20+ Years Experience

We’ve helped over 10,000 students from across the North West.

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