Christmas Golf Gifts

What do you buy the golfer in your life this Christmas?

It’s getting closer to Christmas and you’re probably wondering what to get the golfer in your life. We’ve made it simple and listed the best Christmas golf gifts that we as golfers would love to receive in our very own Christmas stockings. The best thing about these gifts is you won’t be wasting time in shops & queues, just make your orders online and receive them next day.

Secret Santa Christmas golf gifts under £20

You don’t have to spend a load of money to get a great gift. Often, small, simple & practical gets the job done perfectly.

Pressure Putt Trainer

These putter trainers have been selling like hot cakes and with good reason. They improve your putting, it really is as simple as that. For such a strange little aid it doesn’t look like it can transform your putting but it really can. And it’s not just putting that improves it’s your overall scores, so give someone the gift of lower scores this Christmas with this super useful putter trainer.

A load of tees

A golfer can never have too many tees in their lives and realistically they are going to need a minimum tees to get the ball off the tee box.

You can get wooden or plastic tees. Wooden are preferred but they do get used a lot quicker.

Golf ball stamp

All golf balls look fairly similar and when playing competitively golfers need to have a way of identifying their balls. Even for non competitive players, they’ll still love this hand little tool as a unique identifier for their ball, it comes in a variety of different styles to suit any golfer.

Golf ball cleaner

Most golfers love to be hitting a clean ball and with wet weather, ball cleaning is regular. But what do you do when the ball is on the green and your walking over to it with your putter in hand? Do you go back to your golf bag and clean your ball and return? Or do you use your sleeves or trousers to brush the dirt off?

Well, you won’t be using either if you have this Green Sleeve ball cleaner. Pocket size so you can keep it on you at all times, this really is going to be one of the most useful gifts a golfer can receive or buy for themselves this Christmas at a price which makes all budgets smile.

Junior Golf Clothes

Are you getting your kids in to golf? Well, you might want think about kitting them out in the latest attire.

We know the golf industry doesn’t cater to kids needs the most when it comes to clothing, but if you’re looking for boys & girls golf clothes then look no further than everyshotcounts.

Everyshotcounts is a clothing supplier that focuses on juniors. You can even get golf clubs too which come in varying sizes to fit your kids as they grow.

A two or four ball at a luxury golf club

Everyone loves a four ball, and what better way to treat your loved one and their friends to a round of a golf at a premier golf course. With so many to choose from around the UK you’ve got some pretty good options.

Provide some well need heat with some hand warmers

For a bargain £1.49 plus postage these hand warmers make the perfect gift. Super cheap to please you and incredibly useful for cold fingers out on the golf course. If they’ve been good you could even to treat them to 3 or 4.

Best Christmas golf gifts under £100

Assessment Golf Lesson

From about £45 your loved one could be benefiting from having their game totally analysed. Their game will be assessed with a plan of action how they can get better. Here at the golf school we have our own offers with some pretty impressive savings on our Christmas golf lesson vouchers.

If you’re not in the north west, just find you’re local golf pro (who has some pretty epic reviews) and see what they have on offer.

Buy them a pair of golf shoes

Every golfer needs golf shoes so why not see what’s hot and treat a golfer with some fancy new golf shoes. There’s so many out it can be hard to decide choosing which golf shoes to get, either get hunting some reviews or speak with someone at your local golf shop or online and see what’s selling like hot cakes this winter.

Driver head covers

Driver head covers stick out like a sore thumb so why not make them fun to look at?

You can find many different animals and novelty head covers on amazon and ebay, or for a more professional look find your local golf store and pick something out there.

A new golf bag

Bags don’t last forever but you may want to do a bit of investigating before to see if a new bag is needed.

A weekend away

Has someone been really good this year? Why not send them away for a whole weekend with a friend or two or you could even join. For a husband & wife pair, finding great golf facilities, spa & country club would be a nice way to start the new year. For example head out to Breadsall Priory Marriott Hotel And Country Club.

A custom fitting session

Custom fitting is where the golfers clubs get sized from them specifically. This takes in to account a wide range of customisable points where the golfers swing

A score card holder

Every good golfer records there scores so why not gift them a scorecard holder? Scorecard holders are cool because they make it easier to write on the cards by providing a firmer back meaning you’ll never be wondering if that 5 is really a 4 or a 6. Scottsdale offer two bargain scorecard holders to choose from. There’s The Masters score card and the Master’s Deluxe score card, both for under £5

Go old school and buy them a book

Books. Remember those things we used to read and flick through, well, there’s still some left or you could even get a digital version especially if it’s cheaper. There’s thousands of golf books around which offer educational advice, best courses to play & varying other golf information that your loved would love and could even help their game.

No expense spared Christmas golf gifts

J Lindeberg Golf Travel Cover

Scottsdale Golf have this epic travel cover by J Lindeberg. And don’t just take our word for it. It’s a one size fits all golf travel cover that will fit even the larger tour bags and what’s better? The cover is almost bulletproof (ok may not bullet proof) but it’s one of, if not the strongest cover bags on the market, so if your clubs are worth a fortune, what better way to protect then whilst travelling.

And also for Christmas they are offering free personalisation too, but you need to be quick. To qualify for free embroidery you have to order by the 15th December.

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