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Do you want us to host your corporate golf day?

Hosting a Corporate golf day gives us immense pride. We’re grateful that some of the UK’s largest businesses trust us to make their golf day go without a hitch and provide an experience that will last a life time. If you require any information regarding anything related to corporate golf events, we’re here to help. Here’s a few of the companies we’ve worked with recently and helped make their day magical.

Corporate golf days cheshire.

Having hosted corporate golf days for the last 10 years, for some of the largest companies like RBS to local Manchester radio station’s and new football clubs like FC United, The Golf School has the capability to make your golf day stand apart from the rest providing an experience providing exception value.

Catering to various budgets, we create a plan to maximise your spend and your enjoyment for every one’s part of the golf day. We’ve worked with smaller companies who are just looking for a course to play on and a bit of management to larger companies who indulge in many extras.

Welcome to golfing paradise.

Step out of the office into unrivalled luxury. Our corporate golf days aren’t just golf days, they are events, experiences designed to wow you and your guests and leave everyone talking about the golf day for the right reasons.

We like to choose the best courses with the best facilities that don’t just please the corporate golfers but also the non-golfer looking to relax and make the most out of the experience too without participating in the on course antics.

Get Everyone Together

Compete against the best in your company and see who comes out on top. Prizes and Trophies available.

Every Detail Planned

We’ve been hosting golf days for over 10 years now and know a thing or to how to make them special.

Corporate Golf Events with the personal touch.

Expert’s in organising your corporate golf events for over 15 years. We’ve worked with several venues over the years which helps us to bring you better prices than going direct, a better experience and most importantly we make it simple to take the exact same golf day and replicate it year after year at different courses.

We find this to be one of the major benefits to our customers who choose us to arrange their day year after year.

The Mere

High Class Experience.

Having been designed 1934, The Mere has blossomed in to one of the finest golf courses around cheshire. Perfect for corporate golf days, it’s a challenging course and that’s what a lot of players love about it and keeps them coming back time and time again. You have to bring you A game to get around the championship course without over scoring too much.

Reaching the 11th hole, The Mere have what’s called the “Green Bar” where you can stop off for something to eat or drink before the action starts. It’s not just the golf where The Mere excels. The surroundings and hospitality is extraordinary, it’s the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing (fingers crossed) game of golf.

Corporate Golf Day Event Management.

Being a special occasion, you want to be remembering your golf day for years to come. We can help show your business in its best light getting photo’s & videos throughout the day capturing the high’s and the low’s (scores) of the day. If you’d like, we can also bring in some drone specialists, how can capture your day from the skies.

With our golf coaching you can pick up a few tips before you get out on the course. Even with short tuition there are things that we can help you with and our advice has been invaluable to thousands of golfers.

Learn some golfing secrets

One of the most common problems on our last corporate golf day was a lot of people were fairly competent with most clubs except when it came to chipping and getting a well executed ball flight. There was nothing wrong with most of the swings, it was just the ball was too forward in the stance.

Once the day was over, we got various thank you’s for helping change their game and it’s just one reason we’re the best number one corporate golf day organisers.

The JCB Golf Club

Breathtakingly Beautiful

The JCB golf club truly is a gem. The landscape is phenomenal and the golf is a magical experience. Right from the off, the 1st hole you’re challenged with driving the ball over water. With a good variety of challenging, distance and beauty, you’re sure to love your golf day at The JCB golf club.

Incredible facilities & corporate prizes available..

With a knowledgeable team on your side and focus for customer service, we can take care of all the corporate hospitality planning and supply merchandise.

We are specialists in creating unique events that your guests will remember. Prizes for your event can include a few smaller prizes to be presented at dinner like a golf club, a bag, some clothing then for the main prize you can have the option of a car prize for example an Audi A3 or if you’d prefer you can opt for cash prizes.

The Add Ons

Whatever extra’s you need, we can provide. From branded wear to Signage and travel to accommodation we can organise it for you.

Relaxing Surroundings

The lodges provide a place to relax before or after the days activities.

Making your corporate golf event even more special.

Making your corporate golf day that extra bit special. It’s only once a year, so you’re wanting your corporate golf experience to be wow. This can easily be done by getting items customised with your business logo on.

Personalised Polo Shirts

Personalised Golf Balls

Personalised Golf Towels

Personalised Golf Tees

Personalised Pitch Markers

After dinner entertainment.

Once the food is out of the way, it’s up to you how you want your day to proceed. Some clients love to introduce a game or two. One example is double 6’s when rolling a dice, everyone has equal opportunity to win, so what are you waiting for?

After dinner golf speakers.

To cap off the event, you may opt to have a speaker present. We’ve got great relationships with corporate event speakers around the country, some involved in golf, others are not.

Corporate Event Enquiry Form.

Please use the enquiry form below to submit your requirements or alternatively you can give us a call.

Corporate golf day cancellation insurance.

We hope you don’t need it, but event cancellation insurance can save you a lot of money if for any reason your event should be cancelled.

Which golf course can we play?

We have fantastic relationship’s with the best courses around Cheshire and can host your event at a location to suit you.

How much is the average event?

Every event is different and obviously the higher the requirements the higher the cost per person. We’ve hosted events for most budgets.

Can you provide prizes?

Yes, depending on the budget, we can provide prizes with past examples including clubs, bags, tuition, 4 ball voucher at a local course or we can offer some exciting cash prizes.

Can you arrange accommodation?

Yes, accommodation can be arranged through The Golf School.


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