Improve your performance with a club fitting.

A two hour club fitting session could change your game.

Don’t be seduced by fancy marketing. The right golf clubs for you are the one’s that improve your scores, probably not the one’s that have just been released or the one’s shops need to get rid of.

Why choose  The Golf School when you can get custom fitted for “free” elsewhere?

The answer here is simple. Golf shops can offer to fit you for “free” but not for nothing. They are banking on getting you in to the environment where it’s more likely you’ll buy a set of clubs by luring you in for free.

Here at The Golf School, Richard wants you to be in control. On a custom fit, all the data we collect about your swing is yours to keep, it’s not just recorded and kept with us until you buy a set of clubs.

Clubs fitted to your specification

Are you finding that no matter what you do your game just isn’t seeing any type of progress whatsoever? This is such a common problem for so many golfers and the answers maybe lying in your clubs. The fix could lie with arranging a club fitting, getting clubs to your exact specifications. What a lot of golfer’s don’t understand is that by purchasing regular clubs off the rack, they are usually playing with clubs incorrectly fitted for them.

This leads to more inconsistencies in the golf swing which could be the reason you’re finding it so difficult to achieve consistent results on the golf course. A club fitting measures both your static and dynamic measurements resulting in perfecting fitting clubs for your swing.

Hit the ball Further

You’ll be getting more distance and that distance is going to be consistent.

More Control Over The Ball.

Don’t settle for letting the ball go where it wants to. By getting fitted you put yourself in the best postion to play great golf.

Cost Effective Improvement

Arranging a fitting with your current clubs will in almost all cases see an improvement in your game more than a set of new clubs would.

Better Ball Impact

The impact from club head to ball is the most important aspect in the golf swing. Custom Clubs can help you hit the ball cleaner.

Maximise your potential improvement with custom fitted clubs

Here at The Golf School we’re dedicated to making you a better golfer and that extends to your golf clubs. Every golfer has a different swing which makes buying golf clubs a bit of a minefield. This also leads to golfers playing with incorrectly fitted clubs. If you’ve been playing golf for a while and you’re still finding it difficult to create a consistent golf swing the problem could be with your clubs. A good workmen never blames his tools but if you’re a size 8 foot, wearing size 6 or 10 just isn’t going to cut it for you. Golf club custom fitting is the way forward to get the best out of your game.

Maximise Distance

Become more consistent

Increase your accuracy

Become more consistent

Who can benefit from a fitting for golf clubs?

Almost every golfer can benefit from arranging a custom club fitting. There’s a myth that only the best players get custom fit and that’s just simply not true. It’s right to get a fitting when you’ve been playing the game a while, you’ve already have a fairly established golf swing even if the ball doesn’t always go where you want it to.

If you’re brand new to golf, it’s not advised to get fitted right away. This is because when a golfer is fitted for golf clubs the swing your making needs to be fairly consistent. For example, if you’re taking 20 shots with a 7 iron and there’s 5 different types of swing in their, which swing do we custom fit for?




Exclusively for clubfitters and clubmakers

Never heard of Tom Wishon Golf before? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The reason you’ve probably never heard about them is because they aren’t sold in the shops. They are exclusive to professional club fitter who can help maximise your potential.

A good custom fitting looks at your static measurements & dynamic measurements.

When you swing a golf club, there’s more to it than just the club head hitting the ball. Launch monitors are used to help fully understand a variety of factors that are influencing the ball flight of your balls. This is one reason why golf technology like Trackman is so amazing. Rather than just relying on a Professional, the clubs that are being built for you are going to be built by analysing data driven facts from your golf swing.

Also, just because something may have worked well for someone you know or read about this doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what’s going to be correct for you. Every golfer is different and that’s why a fitting session is one the best steps you can make if you’re serious about progressing in golf.

What is Lie angle and what’s right for me?

The lie angle of the golf clubs is that angle that is formed by the sole of golf club and the shaft. If you look at the diagram you can see where the lie angle is. Getting your lie angle correct is a lot about the swing of the club but it can be greatly affected if the golf club you’re using isn’t the correct length for you.

It’s also important to note that shorter players need more of a flatter lie angle whereas taller players need a lie angle that’s more upright. You’ll notice with your shots if your lie angle isn’t correct as it’s the bottom centre that hits the ground and not the heel or the toe of the club.

Customise every club in your bag.

What are Custom Fitted Clubs? Simply put, they are golf clubs built completely for your specification and your needs in the golf swing. A good quality custom fit analyses your swing with launch monitors to get a greater understanding of the way you swing the club and identify where to maximise your performance.

Custom Driver Fitting

Important aspects of a driver fitting

  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle
  • Back spin
  • Side angle
  • Head shape
  • The type of flex
  • Weight of the shaft
  • Gear affect
  • Carry
  • Gear effect

Getting around 10 shots recorded of how you’re performing with a driver vs different drivers, this helps us to determine which driver is going to be best suited to your game.

One of the biggest benefits of being a master of the driver is it makes your second shot a lot easier. If you struggle with the low loft irons, with a custom fitted driver made suited to your swing, instead of using a 4 or 5 to get to the green you could be using a 6 or 7 iron, which with the added loft is a lot easier to hit for many golfers.

The driver is a tricky club. It’s the longest club in the bag which also sends the ball the furthest meaning subtle differences in club length, weight & angles can have a huge effect on your swing determining where you ball ends up.

Now there’s a lot of drivers that do offer you the option of switching degrees on the club head but that’s no substitute for getting a correctly custom fit driver measured to your specifications.

Fix flaws with your driver by being custom fit

Maybe you’re hitting it too high, too low or you’re struggling to see any type of consistency in your golf swing.

Whilst you may benefit from a stiffer shaft with more weight, that would negatively impact many other golfers, which with all the variables is why it’s so important to consider getting fitted for a driver.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the length of the driver. The standard driver length is around 44 inches +/- 1 inch or so. A lot of golfers like to have a longer shaft with the ultimate aim of being able to generate more energy in the club head when it comes in to contact with the golf ball. But this leads to a significant problem.

The longer the driver shaft is, the harder it’s going to be for you to have any control over the ball. The extra length makes it harder to get a clean hit on the ball and hit it square which results generally in shots you’re happy with.

Golf is all about consistency and to be as consistent as possible you need a driver length that’s perfect for you, not just ok.

Custom Iron Fitting.

Because of the popularity of hybrids, irons are a bit different to what they used to be. Traditionally golfers would have 3 to 9 iron but now the lower irons are being replaced with hybrids. This is because a lot of people find it hard to use the lower irons correctly getting the distance they want but it’s still highly beneficial to get custom fitted irons.

Custom Wedge Fitting

Do you struggle with your wedge play? You might find it comforting to know that tour professionals have custom fitted wedges and are now even starting to change their wedges on a weekly basis. Why? Because they want the best from their clubs. We don’t suggest you need to do this, but you should looking to get your wedges fitted if you’re serious about progressing more.

Every club in your bag should have its own individual focus and should be called upon by you in certain situations. Around the green their will be situations where you need a wedge with a higher bounce and a mid bounce wedge to help your game become more dynamic, if your current wedges are all similar, it’s pointless carrying them all.

It’s also important to note that pitching wedges in recent years have started to be made with less loft. Whereas in the past your pitching wedge was around 48 degrees of loft now it’s common to see 45 degrees or even 44.

This is why distance gapping is so important to distinguish the actual differences between your individual clubs.

Custom Putter Fitting

The putter is the only club in the bag that’s 99.9% guaranteed to be used on every hole so it’s vital you’ve got a putter that is correctly fitted for you. Arranging a custom putter fitting could see you finally putting with confidence.

For simplicity, let’s say you’re taking 2 putts each hole, that’s 36 shots your taking every round a professional putter fitting can help you to develop a more consistent putting stroke by analysing key putting characteristics using the Sam Puttlab and modifying the putter to your specification. This can include alterations to the grip, shaft, head or a combination of all 3 to get a perfectly fitted putter.

When it comes to choosing the length of the putter the most common sizes for the length of the shaft is 33″ / 34″ / 35″. Those three lengths cover the majority of golfers excluding very short and very tall players.

Changing the Trajectory of Shot Pattern

Have more confidence controlling your shot patterns for different situations.

Improving the Swing & Impact Feel of Clubs

Your swing technique shouldn’t be having to work around your clubs.

Why The Golf School is the best place to get fitted.

Custom fitted clubs will help your game. They aren’t a magical fix for a bad swing but will improve your current swing by being built for your specifications. We’re confident that arranging a fitting will be one of the best golfing decisions you’ve ever made. But remember, when it comes to be fitted, there’s good fitter’s out there and there’s some bad one’s too. Always ask what a fitter can do for you to make sure you’re getting the highest level of service to start achieving the lowest scores possible.

We get it, there’s so many shops to go and get a custom fit and there’s some pretty decent marketing out there. We don’t want to bamboozle you with marketing to get your business, we want to know the individual golfer and what’s the best course of action to take to take their game to the next level.

The number one priority at The Golf School is your progress and who better to advise on your golf clubs than the team who are changing your game. We don’t have salesman who’s focus it is to sell you custom clubs, it’s data driven analysis helping us to advise on the best possible clubs to make your swing easier.

What to expect on a club fitting

A professional full set club fitting takes time to collect the data necessary to determine the correct alterations that are needed to be made to the club. One of the biggest problems golfers face from getting custom fitted is that they are nervous about committing to buying clubs just because they’ve had a “free fitting”. Here at The Golf School you’re paying for the time it takes to correctly calculate what changes need to made and you can leave with the data we’ve collected to help you make the best decision for the appropriate course of action.

1. An interview about your game

We talk with you to understand your current situation in golf. We want to know how you’re currently playing, what your biggest struggles are, how’s your physical condition and it always includes a check of your current equipment. By looking at what your current club set up is it can help identify if your biggest issue is related to your swing or to your equipment.

We’ll tell you the best plan of action to help progress your game.

2. It’s swing time

Your swing is put under the microscope and under the trusty eye of the latest in golfing technology. We can help you to fit every club in the bag helping you to improve in all areas of your game.

It’s important to inform you with the feedback from your shots. By explaining why your currently experiencing the ball flights you are and what can be done to maximise your performance. You can also see what’s going on with your swing on screen as everything that’s happening with your swing is being recorded.

3. Recommending which clubs to go for.

It’s not always about the brand. Don’t be sucked in by the latest marketing.

How long does a club fitting take?

It can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours for a complete club fitting.

Do i need to be fitted?

It's not a question of whether you need to be fitted or not, it's more a case of are you using the right clubs. If not, you need a fitting.

Should i have some lesson before being fitted?

It depends at what level you're currently performing at. If you're happy with most of your swing, then no, if you have a bad swing then yes.


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