"Imagine hitting the ball further, consistently getting off the tee, hitting your intended target and being able to set foot on the golf course with a bag full of confidence.

Start playing to your full potential, see your scores improve and enjoy your golf."

Customise Your Clubs For You

Customise Your Clubs For You

Not Just For The Pro's

The higher the handicap of the golfer, the bigger the room for improvement with custom fit clubs.

It’s just a matter of time before the average golfer realises what the golf industry has known for years: custom fitting golf clubs are critical to getting the best out of a golfer’s game.

Your Swing Totally Analysed

We collect data which helps us build clubs to your specification.

More Enjoyment & Lower Scores

Your game will see an overall improvement resulting in a happier round.


• Consistent shots - Enjoy your game more
• Start hitting more fairways & greens
• Less time in the rough


• Hitting more fairways and greens
• Having a square clubface on impact
• Watch the ball go straighter

Clubs built with YOUR data

With hundreds of grips, club heads and shafts making for literally millions of club combinations, making sense of the equipment minefield can be a headache.

We can advise on what types of club and shaft combinations will work best for you.

Changing the Trajectory of Shot Pattern

Have more confidence controlling your shot patterns for different situations.

Improving the Swing & Impact Feel of Clubs

Your swing technique shouldn’t be having to work around your clubs.


• The latest in technology
• Frame by frame analysis
• + Our know how


• Better Driving
• Better Fairway Play
• Better Around The Green