What do you want from your clubs?

Better Shot Making and Consistency

More distance

Greater Accuracy

Improving the Swing and Impact Feel of Golf Clubs

Changing the Trajectory of Shot Pattern

Not just for the pro's

“Every golfer should have custom fit clubs. There’s a myth that only good amateurs and pros can benefit from custom fitting. This is wrong.”

Why get fitted?

The higher the handicap of the golfer, the bigger the room for improvement with custom fit clubs.

It's just a matter of time before the average golfer realises what the golf industry has known for years: custom fitting golf clubs are critical to getting the best out of a golfer's game.

How do we custom fit?

In order to select the right equipment, we take a number of measurements in a body screening assessment.

We then use the latest technology to measure ball flight, club head impact and swing characteristics to produce comparable data that will indicate what specifications work best for you.

By having custom fitted clubs you'll be playing with fully customised clubs for your game which will aid help you become the golfer you want to be.

Getting it right

With hundreds of grips, club heads and shafts making for literally millions of club combinations, making sense of the equipment minefield can be a headache.

We can advise on what types of club and shaft combinations will work best for you.

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