Why the driving range is making you bad at golf.

The one common thing that unites every single golfer at the driving range is that they all want to improve. What’s the point of playing a round of golf that can last four hours plus if all you’re going to be doing is hacking the ball around the course and ending up with scores way over 100?

Be honest with yourself, do you find that the next time you go out on the course is the time everything going to magically click in to place. That you’re just going to smash the ball down the centre of the fairway on a par 4, hit the green and sink the putt in one? This can happen but it’s not going to be happening regularly.

People play golf for different reasons but there’s always a few things that everyone wants.

  1. To enjoy playing golf
  2. To score as low as possible
  3. To get a hole in one
  4. To have more confidence

There’s players out there who play bad and enjoy the game and there’s people who play well but are disappointed they didn’t play better.

But to get lower scores? What’s the key to unlocking the secrets of golf?

One thing is for sure. It’s not youtube.

How many youtube videos have you watched on golf?

And sine you’ve been watching them, how has your golf improved?

Now, we’re not saying that you can find some useful tips on youtube, but for your overall game, youtube doesn’t know how your swing the club

Videos help 20% of people & entertain the other 80%

Everyone loves an hour or so at the driving range every so often.

You can practice some golf, release some stress with the driver, talk with friends and chill out.

But what’s the actual point of you going to the driving range?

Once a week 100 balls, a drink, maybe a chocolate bar. You could be spending up to £1,000 a year and not seeing any improvement.

But you love the driving range.

It’s the place where we can go, practice our golf and improve.


Well, there can be some truth to that but ask yourself.

What is going to the driving range doing to my game?

The truth is many golfers are going to the driving range on a regular basis without seeing any improvement and in some cases players are regressing.

We’re not saying driving ranges suck or that they are bad for everyone but the way they are used is not benefiting the customers game.

But if you’re one of those people who’s going to the driving range on a regular basis and aren’t seeing improvement, you’ve really got to make a change in the way you’re going about improving your game.

Don’t believe us?

In the last 20 years, golf has made unbelievable advances in many areas of the sport.

Just to name one or two, Trackman refined the ball flight laws. K-Vest is used by guys and ladies on tour to get the very best out of their swings.

Whereas the amateur players haven’t improved at all.

They’ve got most information available to them than any golfer has had in previous years, they’ve got the best clubs, rangefinders, yet there’s still no progress.

There’s driver’s out there worth £450 on the shelves right now and they are getting bought by players who can’t even hit a driver properly in the hope it’s going to make them a better player.

So why is the driving range killing my game?

You’re repeating the same shots over and over  with the same club.

Think about this. When do you ever hit the same ball over and over again in golf? That doesn’t happen.

In fact, the most common aspect of every shot  is that you’ve never taken that exact shot before.

Ok, maybe your first drives are similar but they aren’t identical and each tee shot will require something a little different to help you navigate thee hole.

There’s so many factors that you can look in to.

Playing golf is all about having control over the ball. Distance and speed are great but if you don’t have control then you will find the distance and speed your getting is working against you and you’re hitting it 230 yards but it’s 90 yards off the centre line.

Start aiming at different targets for 10 shots and take time to fully understand the type of shot you want to be taking.

You repeatably aim at the same place

So you’re hitting the same shots time after time and that means you’re probably aiming at the same place all the time.

Golf isn’t just all about technique. It’s mental, it’s physical despite what some may believe and it’s basically problem solving on every single shot.

How do I get from point a to point b in the shortest time? Well, that depends on you.

Golf is an unbelievable test of your abilities not only as a golfer but as a human. How disciplined you are will make the difference between seeing progress and being frustrated.

You’ve got to get in to the habit of mixing it up.

There’s no pre shot routine associated with your swing

The pre shot routine is the holy grail to some golfers. Whilst every golf shot is different you can rely on one thing.

That’s to have the same pre shot routine every single time you’re stepping up to the golf ball.

At the range you’ll see people hitting a ball every 20 seconds or 30 seconds and just getting in to some form of robotic motion with none of the balls being great shots.

What many golfers do is one of the one things you can probably do and do you know what it is?

Well, have a think about it…. Think more and maybe some more.

That’s right, it’s over thinking. There’s a variety of things that can go wrong but you need to start focusing on what you can be doing right.

By adopting a pre shot routine you’re comfortable with half the battle is already won. You take away the over thinking aspect and reduce anxiety.

The other half is not over thinking whilst you’re swinging the club.

Overthinking will put unnecessary pressure on you, pressure you don’t need, so just relax and stop thinking negatively.

Entertainment or Golf Improvement?

It’s true.

A lot of us love to take the easy option but when we do this when we’re supposed to be learning it can mean we do learn, but we learn bad habits which are affecting your progress.

Hands up if you love getting golf lessons?

It’s probably not that many of you however if we were to ask hands up who needs golf lessons then probably 99% would probably need to put their hands up when in reality about 50% would admit they need lessons.

Progress isn’t easy but it’s simple.

You’re not out on the golf course enough

Every shot on the course is different yet every shot you practice is the same?

Have you ever realised this? Well, if you haven’t it’s time to start understanding that every single golf shot is it’s own challenge in itself.

It’s easier to be consistent on the range

Because you’re doing the same things over and over, you’re going to be able to see improvements there and then.

Plus out on the range, there’s literally no worries. It’s stress free and you aren’t having to go around the place looking for your balls.

When you’re not so worried about the outcome, it’s easier to play better.

Now the trouble really comes once we get out on to the course.

Because every shot is different this doesn’t allow you to have time to create consistency, it makes you more worried about the outcome and you’ve got your score in the back of your mind.

On the course, there’s just too much going on and you really need to rock the mental game.

Driving ranges are renowned for having bad balls

Let’s be honest, they are driving ranges so naturally their balls are getting wacked on a daily basis so there’s going to be some marks and scuffs in them.

If you’re not practicing with proper golf balls, then when you get on the course to use proper balls you’re finding yourself in a different situation.

Think about it.

If you had a basketball player who’s practicing with a ball that’s a light bit lighter than the balls there using on the court, then when he goes to throw the ball even though it’s just a change of ball, the physics of the ball will be totally different

Repeating the same old stuff

DIY golf tuition is tough. There’s golfers out there who’ve never shot under 100 and it’s all for the same reason.

They never got golf lessons.

Focusing too much on the Driver

Do you ever take your clubs to the range only to use one or two and usually you find yourself just hitting the driver.

Well, it is called a driving range, but the driver shouldn’t just be the only thing you’re hitting.

People use the same tee height for all shots

If it’s not bad enough your shots, routine and everything else you’re doing on the driving range sucks, then you may as well be hitting your shots from the same height.

But again, you’re shots on the course aren’t all from the same height so why you doing it on the range?

Different tee heights really changes up the game and can help imitate different challenges on the course.

Most people are hitting too many balls

How many balls are you hitting when you’re at the range?

It’s not the quantity that’s going to help improve your game. In fact, if you’re doing the wrong stuff then hitting more and more balls will see you ingrain those bad techniques even further.

Half the year it’s too cold to get out there

How many times have you sacked off going to the driving range because it’s too cold? It happens. Even with playing golf, there’s those of us who just love to play in the more perfect conditions when it’s not freezing or torrential rain.

The solution to this is simple. Find an indoor golf teacher who has the same conditions all year round.

At the range you wrap up, get hitting, get too hot, layer down get too cold… you see the routine.

Hearing everyone else’s conversations and there’s super informative tips

Golfer’s just hate practicing

No one like’s getting golf lessons. In fact, in general getting lessons on anything isn’t the most fun thing to do but it’s crucial that you do.

Think of driving a car, most people wouldn’t just get in a car and hit the road.

You want to be told what to do first and think about when you had driving lessons, how many lessons diid you have? Most people have between 30 and 50 lessons when learning to drive and how do you feel when you get out on the road for the very first time?

You get the lessons and then you learn by experience. If you crashed the every time you go on the road you’d either have to stop driving or find someone to solve your problem for you.


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