“We’ve been offering golf lessons since 2001 and we’ve successfully taught every type of golfer. Children, adults, experienced or just beginning.”

Become the golfer you want to be

The Golf School - Golf LessonsGolfers love to play golf but you’ll only find a few who truly love to practice and guess what? They are the ones who are enjoying round after round of sensational golf and reaping the rewards getting down to scratch (and not getting stressed all the time) because they made a decision to become better and to make an investment in their game.

Be honest. Are you one of those golfers who thinks by playing more you’re going to see improvement? Or that by going down to the driving range and just hitting ball after ball is going to magically transform your game? These are  two of the biggest misconceptions in golf. You’re not coming off the course disappointed because you’re naturally bad at golf. It’s because you’ve not had the correct tuition. It’s almost as bad as watching video after video on youtube trying to fix your game when in reality, you could be creating more problems.

What does happen when all you do is play on the course or even on the driving range without proper tuition, you ingrain bad habits in to your game which means you fail to improve. The process of practicing if to focus on the correct techniques you should be using and repeat over and over whereas you’re probably do the wrong thing over and over, which is the reason you’ll find your scores aren’t improving.

Experienced in helping beginner golfers

It’s time to stop playing inferior golf and start taking advantage of our facilities here at The Golf School. You can be confident you’ll improve too with our guarantee and you’ll be learning in a relaxed environment where your golf can progress and be astonished by the change we can make to your game.

“Imagine hitting the ball further, consistently getting off the tee, hitting your intended target and being able to set foot on the golf course with a bag full of confidence.

Start playing to your full potential, see your scores improve and enjoy your golf.”


• Being confident hitting the ball
• Having a consistent shot
• Enjoy your game more


• Hitting more fairways and greens
• Having a square clubface on impact
• Spending less time in the rough


• Imagine hitting the ball further
• Teeing up with greater confidence
Remember, the further you hit the ball, the closer you’ll be to the green which means more chance of finding pins and lower scores.


• Consistently hitting escape shots from bunkers
• Getting up an down from off the green
• Pitching it close
• Eliminating 3-putts and holing out

From high (and no) handicaps to the very low handicap

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate or an experienced player, you can start playing to your potential, see your scores improve and your enjoyment increase with our specifically tailored to YOU golf lessons.

As a beginner we structure your lessons in a positive fun way, so progress is simple to understand for both adults and kids.

At the intermediate level, we look to improve and refine your technique, offering greater understanding of your golf swing, with clear explanations on how you can achieve significant improvement and progression in your game.

For advanced players, we assess every part of your game that affects your performance and identify where gains can be made to make the key differences in lowering your score.

How we help the beginners

Getting in to golf can be nerve racking but we find with a bit of extra knowledge easing in to the game doesn’t need to be so difficult. It can seem more of a mine field at times rather than a golf course but we’re here to address the technical aspects of your game and get you on the way to playing great golf.

Our students have various reasons for wanting to start playing golf but one of the biggest reasons we find is to be social. Golf is a great weekend, week day or after work treat but there’s one major problem. Getting round a golf course can be tricky.

Most golf courses have a par of around 71 which can vary from 68 to 72. What do you usually score when you play? We find most of our beginners are scoring over 100 and can’t find away to start progressing.

Tell us your problems. We'll provide the solutions.

Golf is like learning a new language; hitting one great shot does not make you fluent, but imagine what it would feel like to confidently stand up to the ball and hit it consistently straight and long every time.

Everyone wants to feel good about their golf game and The GolfSchool are here every step of the way to help you achieve it.

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