The most common cause of poor putting accuracy is alignment. This is often caused by the position of your eye line in the stance.

Missing Left

If your eyes are outside the target line (leaning over too far), you will see the hole as being left of where it actually is and you’ll miss a well-stroked putt to the left.

Missing Right

If your eyes are inside the target line (standing up too straight), you will see the hole as being right of where it really is and you’ll miss a well=stroked putt to the right.

Holing More Putts (Cures)
  1. To check your eye line is over the ball in set up, hand a putter from beside your eyes, if the bottom of the putter hangs over the ball you know your eye line is correct.
  2. Set your putter directly behind the ball so that it is square to the target.
  3. Align your feet, knees, hips and shoulder line parallel left of the target line.
  4. When you grip the putter, allow your hands to hang down naturally so that they are directly below your shoulders. This puts your arms and hands for a straight back and through stroke.

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