The SAM PuttLab is as critical to a Tour Professional's game as their coach is, even Tiger Woods owns one.


It’s because golf is a game of such small margins and nowhere is this truer than on the putting green. There are many ways to putt but the golf ball itself relies only on physics to determine where it goes.

All golfers play with a certain amount of feel.

Sometimes relying on feel isn’t enough. Bring the putter head back a fraction of a degree off path and it can result in a putt many inches off line, even when a golfer ‘feels’ that everything is working correctly.

The SAM PuttLab answers the question of what the putter is doing during the stroke, meaning you can identify your strengths and weaknesses so we can tailor more efficient training – resulting in more holed putts!

The technology involves ultrasound sensory analysis and up to 150 frames per second of image capture, measuring and analysing all movement details of your putting (and chipping too). It is more exact than any other putting aid.

The SAM PuttLab measures important factors such as:


Overall putter path

Impact location

Blade rotation

Length of stroke




It then displays these parameters and more (28 of them in total) in a way you and your coach can understand. Giving you individual feedback on your putting strokes. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements.

This data can then be used to help develop practise or training strategies to improve your putting.

Have you ever wondered why you have a tendency to pull the ball left of the hole when putting? It could be that the putter face is closed at impact or that the path of the club varies during the stroke.

By analysing your putting stroke, the frustration of missed putts and the question of ’why did my putt do that?’ can be eliminated.

In the same way TrackMan helps analyse the physics of hitting the golf ball, the SAM PuttLab identifies the relationship the putter head has over whether the ball disappears in to the hole or not.

It means you can visualise what the putter head does during the stroke. Which has a massive effect on where the ball ultimately goes.

The SAM PuttLab has also helped develop one of the most successful studies on the yips. Helping coaches and professionals identify where in the putting stroke the ’twitch’ or jerky movement happens and helping develop coaching methods to counter it.

Getting help with increasing distance off the tee is a great confidence boost to your game and can help improve your scoring. But if this isn’t backed up with great putting you could be missing out on holing a lot of feel-good birdie putts.

Putting is an area of your game you will use, regardless of your ability, somewhere between 30-40 times per round. Improving your putting can improve your scores dramatically.

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“A good player, who is a great putter, is a match for any golfer. A great hitter, who cannot putt, is a match for no one” – Ben Sayers


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