October 16, 2017 Richard

The Ultimate Student

Following on from our article The Ultimate Coach we take a look at the responsibility of the student to ensure that they get the best from their golf coach.

Game improvement is best viewed as a two-way interaction involving a good coach and a student who recognises the characteristics required to implement this knowledge. The Ultimate Student assesses the role golf students must play in fulfilling their own successful game improvement.

What makes a good learner:

  • Being ready to learn and have a willingness to try out new swing changes by demonstrating curiosity
  • Accepting that they are ready to be taught
  • Passionate for improvement
  • Possessing good problem solving skills when considering their coach’s input.

A good student’s approach to practise:

  • Remaining focused on the subject matter at hand while taking time to practice the topic until it is grooved appropriately and successfully
  • Knowing when it is a good time to practice the drills prescribed by their coach by understanding the importance of remaining focused
  • Understanding the importance of purposeful practise.

Immediacy versus long term improvement and understanding the bigger picture:

  • Persevering without becoming frustrated or discouraged when items are not easily achieved at first
  • Realising that in many instances learning is not always a spontaneous event but something that is understood over a period of time
  • judging progress holistically and not solely by the flight of the ball.

Creating a successful relationship between student and coach:

  • By challenging the coaching process and asking questions they will show a keenness to absorb knowledge
  • Following the plan created to aid improvement
  • Reflecting on the lesson via email or conversation post lesson
  • Trusting the coach
  • Showing a resilience and determination to achieve results
  • Understanding that results are all in context and which needs to be clarified at each stage

Listed below are the 12 key points in determining a good student. The more of these traits a student has, the better their potential for growth.

Quality Students…

  1. listen intently
  2. clarify problems
  3. ask questions
  4. don’t expect immediate results
  5. persevere
  6. are determined to succeed
  7. trust the teacher
  8. don’t complain about minor setbacks
  9. follow the game plan devised by their teacher
  10. write down swing “thoughts” and “feels”
  11. set reachable goals within a set time frame
  12. don’t always judge their progress by ball flight